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Porsche Restoration

After being in the Porsche repair business for over 30 years, we began hearing from our customers that they were having trouble finding someone to either restore their cars or even someone with the knowledge to perform routine repairs and maintenance in a reliable manner for them.


Our specialists have been working with classic Porsche's since 1992. Its what we do, it's what  love. Servicing classic Porsche’s has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge of these cars, which our team is passionate about. Our experience is shown in the craftsmanship and quality presented in the finished projects.


Classic Porsche? These particular older Porsche’s are the most fun cars on the road to drive, we hear that over and over  again from seasoned 356 and early 911/912 owners. They also make great investments, while other markets weaken, Porsche collector cars prove to be solid investments.


An auto restoration can be a very expensive process and were sure you'll want to spend your money wisely. Thats why were always willing to take the time to discuss your needs and preferences, to ensure that the end result is your dream car.


Please feel free to contact us for your restoration needs; we're always available for technical assistance and to discuss your project.


At Devito's Independent Porsche Service, we value your business and will make every effort to make your dream come true.

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1059 N. Parker Street

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